Safety Information

With any ride on form of transportation safety is key, like riding a bike or skating always wear safety gear and be diligent about where you are at all times.

Recommended safety gear includes:

  1. Approved Helmet
  2. Knee Pads
  3. Elbow Pads
  4. Palm Pads/gloves

Put on your protective gear and let's go!

For a safe ride every time, we’ve designed a range of protective gear. These include our strong and very light quincunx custom helmet, palm, knee and elbow pads. But, rest assured, every Mini Pro component has been tested for safety. So, get suited and booted and go for a ride looking super cool!

*For safety, it is strongly recommended that you wear a helmet and protective gear every time you ride a Mini Pro. Avoid pedestrians, other vehicles and freeways.

Safety gear